Shraddha is a system of excellence that has been created and managed by a team of highly qualified, experienced and passionate people hailing from variety of backgrounds.

Dr Varun M
Managing Director

Dr Varun is a medical doctor, writer and social entrepreneur with experiences in medicine, psychology, education, theatre and cinema. Being spiritually inclined, founded “School for Self-Mastery”, to facilitate multi-dimensional excellence. He has created a cooperative system for national progress, “Rebuild India”. He is a master trainer with experience of having trained over 30,000 individuals for medical entrance exams and in the areas of habits, behaviour, attitudes, public speaking, communication skills, transactional abilities, leadership development etc. Believes that education is for transformation of individuals into leaders and for not mere transfer of information.

Mr Chaluva Krishna C

Mr Chaluva Krishna is a Science graduate with an MBA in HR and Marketing. He is a popular leader since student days and has the unique ability to mobilize individuals and lead them towards common goals. Has vast experience and knowledge in the areas of HR management, operations, Sales and marketing, logistics management. A prudent administrator with focus on optimization of all resources and enhancing of organisational capabilities. Skilling individuals to analyse complex situations and evolve effective solutions on the basis of knowledge, past experience and logical analysis is his area of expertise.

Mr Narendra Babu N
Executive Director

Mr Narendra Babu has a masters in astronomy and astrophysics and an excellent outgoing graduate from the prestigious REAP program. He has been a researcher who has worked closely with eminent scientists of astrophysics. With 15 years of teaching experience and being a stock market trader, he brings in innovation and strategic thinking to classroom learning. He has founded an education consultancy “Effulgent ideas” to guide institutions in delivering quality education. Innovation, hands on learning, concept visualization, exploring the depths of knowledge and bringing in an expansion of the horizons of learning are his core competencies as a master educator.

Mr Abhishek Chowdhury

Mr Abhishek is an engineer with MBA in marketing and operations with rich experience in telecom industry. Has over 15 years of industry and teaching experience. Being a philanthropic educator, he conducts free training for engineering aspirants from humble backgrounds and makes Mathematics easy to learn and relevant to day to day life. He strives incessantly to create innovative learning resources for making quality learning tools accessible for all. Nurturing creativity, driving value based education, bringing in innovation and technology into classrooms, enabling multi skill development in students from a young age are some of his areas of passion and dedication.