Shraddha Methodology

Testing methods

  • Weekly tests as per the test cycle
  • Cumulative testing pattern
  • Actual examination pattern for every test
  • Objective tests as per full exam pattern (NEET/JEE)

Quality assurance

  • Teacher training and assessment
    • Monthly knowledge assessment of teachers
    • Monthly on-campus teacher training
    • Quarterly centralized teacher training workshops
    • Student and parent feedback based corrective interventions.

Capacity building

  • Personal notes
  • Peer group notes
  • Scientific presentations on open days
  • Post-test self analysis as per guidelines
  • Feedback based knowledge consolidation (Post test discussions)
  • Personal leadership development program

Parent – teacher – student collaboration

  • Periodic parent-institution meet
  • Daily updates to parents
  • Anytime access to academic records for scrutiny
  • Awareness and expert interactions for parents
  • Assistance on request for qualitative improvement of parent kid relationship