To facilitate and contribute towards the multi-dimensional development of individuals making a positive impact


Shraddha is a system of excellence that has been created and managed by a team of highly qualified


Shraddha System of Excellence” (SSE) is designed to facilitate all round development of individuals


Every child is born with potential to excel which is seldom realized. If provided with the right environment

About Shraddha System of Excellence

The methodology rooted in the principles of true education.The most comprehensive, scientific, systematic and outcome oriented system.That makes every student go through the process of dynamic self-evaluation, realistic gap assessment, strategic personalized plan for progress and progression towards the chosen goal with expert assistance.The only true choice for anybody aspiring to explore the infinite possibilities of success and excellence.

Why join us?

• Best coaching for NEET, AIIMS, IIT-JEE, KVPY, Olympiads and other competitive examinations
• Best coaching for PUC board examination
• Better English
• Communication skills
• Presentation skills
• Attitude development
• Positive habit formation
• Investment education
• Financial education
• Leadership skill enhancement
• Entrepreneurship development
Apart from the excellence in curriculum delivery, exam preparation strategies and result oriented coaching, the following are the areas of strength in Shraddha system that makes it a real system for true success .
• Friendly, approachable, accessible and kind teachers
• Open and fearless learning environment
• Encouragement for creativity and innovation
• Training on learning methodologies – learning how to learn
• Outcome oriented evaluation and assessment
• Internal and external feedback based academic progress
• Parent-teacher-student collaboration

• Leadership development
• Innovative and productive peer learning strategies
• Community correlational learning – extrapolation of all learning in the framework of solutions to real life problems (helps gain better clarity of learned concepts)

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Varin PU college, Tumkur

ATRIA PU College, Tumkur